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#AtHomeWithSpatial: Greta, balancing motherhood with minimalist styling

Finding the right balance between style and practicality can be a challenge, especially when you add children or pets to the mix. 

Many parents feel the need to transform their homes when prepping for the arrival of a baby, however, having children doesn’t mean you need to forgo your own style and special home comforts.

Meet Greta, one of our Senior Stylists, who’s expecting her second child and still (somehow) manages to keep her home immaculately styled.

Greta draws inspiration from places she has previously visited on holiday.

Greta draws inspiration from places she has previously visited on holiday.

She believes that minimalistic styling is the key to a home with children. 

How do you keep your home perfectly styled with young children? More specifically - how do you keep everything so white?!?

GRETA:  I would love to say my home looks perfectly styled all the time but, in reality with a toddler it isn’t always the case. I find that keeping the styling minimalistic really helps. 

Incorporating large statement artworks which are the real hero pieces in the living areas which means I don’t need to go over the top with decorative items. Key statement pieces always give great impact to rooms.

I have always loved styling with, as well as wearing white, and I really didn’t want this to change once I had children. I made sure that the lounge I purchased had removable and washable covers, the good thing about the colour white is that it can be bleached. 

My number 1 tip in keeping my home styled is “everything has a place / home for it” this way everyone in the household knows where things belong at the end of the day or once they are finished with it.

Greta’s own lounge room features statement artworks and crisp, white tones throughout.

Greta’s own lounge room features statement artworks and crisp, white tones throughout.

What are your tips for styling kids rooms? You’re expecting your second child soon. Have you styled their nursery yet?

GRETA: With my first child, Charlie, I knew I was expecting a boy so it was nice to add a few blue tones. This time we don’t know the sex so I will be keeping the room really neutral. 

I am really loving warmer tones at the moment (white, beige and oatmeal) and will be adding a lot of textured pieces such as throws, rugs and maybe a timber log side table.

I think it’s important to keep kids' rooms really practical with lots of storage but I also like to make sure they’re comfortable and stylish - a place you want to spend time in. I found our nursery was a nice, relaxing space to play or sit in with Charlie when he was a baby. 

Greta brings extensive experience to the Spatial Property Styling Team and heads up Sydney’s north, including the Northern beaches and the Lower North Shore.

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Her strong understanding of the technical elements of design, coupled with an innate sense of style, produces excellent results every time.

How and why is your styling suited to this area?

GRETA: I feel my style is timeless and classic, it’s also somewhat conservative which I think suits a lot of the potential buyers in the area.

I don’t like getting caught up in the latest must haves just for the sake of something being new. I’d rather style and buy pieces that I know will last. Don’t get me wrong, I love adding new furniture and accessories to keep things feeling interesting and contemporary, however, only when they work well with the rest of the styling.