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Dining room edition: Reworking your current design

Whether your dining room is a stand alone room or part of an open plan kitchen and lounge, it should be a space that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The dining room is usually a multifunctional room - playing host to meal times, homework, entertaining guests and in many cases, the home office - so finding the balance between function and style is important.

Here are 4 simple tips to help you revamp your dining room styling:


Don’t overdo the dining table

Choose the ideal dining table size. If you’re working with a smaller space, select a size that allows for ample room around the edges of the table and a shape that compliments the rest of the room. Round tables are great for creating flow and functionality. Rectangular tables are perfect for a more formal setting and allow for more people to be seated around the exterior. 


Rug it up

Anchor your dining table with a strategically placed rug. A simple rule to remember is that the rug should always be slightly wider than the table on all sides.

If your dining room is open plan, adding a rug can help to create boundaries and a distinct space between the living and dining area. They also add texture, colour and interest.


Brighten with bulbs

Dining rooms are often designed to flow into borderless kitchens and living rooms with ease. To break up the open plan and to create a more intimate feeling, try adding light fittings suspended low over a dining table.

Low hanging pendant lighting adds a focal point and decorative design element to the room.


Sitting pretty

Whether your style is modern or traditional, gorgeous chairs mean gorgeous dining rooms. Don’t feel that your chairs should be an exact match to your table. When styling, we almost always combine different chairs and tables, ensuring that the colours and materials complement one another. When searching for new chairs consider their sizing. Each person should have about 60cm of space at the table and there should be around 20cm between the chair’s seat and tabletop. 


For more detailed and bespoke advice on how to rework your current dining room design, contact one of our Senior Stylists on 9417 7193