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Displaying wall art without hanging: The art of leaning

Leaning is a contemporary and eye-catching way to display your artwork or mirror. Making a conscious choice to lean your piece rather than hang it in a traditional way, adds interest and promotes a relaxed yet oh so stylish look.

There are numerous advantages to leaning items around your property, especially if you change your mind regularly!

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Why should I try the art of leaning?

#1 Leaning wall decor provides a great deal of flexibility in your design as it’s easily changeable. It allows for constant and easy rotation of what is displayed.


#2 Sometimes decor can feel out of place, disjointed or like it’s floating, leaning is a great way to overcome this feeling and can create a connection with the surface the decor is leaning on.


#3 One of the biggest advantages of leaning artwork and mirrors is the ability to go wild with creativity and layer larger pieces with smaller pieces.


#4 Of course, there’s the winning factor that leaning artwork doesn’t damage walls.


#5 Leaning allows you to hide certain things. For example, cords, cables or marks on the wall.

At Spatial we often lean our art and mirrors - for us it often provides a practical advantage - but we also love the dramatic effect a large leaning artwork or mirror can create.