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The ultimate guide to scandi style


Scandinavian style is all about simplicity and functionality

Scandinavian design emerged at the beginning of the 20th Century but developed in the 1950s. The movement started around the five Nordic countries of Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden by designers, companies and products which had characteristics of minimalism. During the periods of the two World Wars, artists in Europe shared a mutual interest in design, innovation and modernity and this is the era when people started having less, rather than more in their interior design choices.


One of our recently styled properties

Scandinavian style is built upon two main things: simplicity and functionality. The beauty of the nordic style home lies in its minimalism. Scandi style is often represented with neutral tones such as light beige or off white with some darker tones and the magic comes together. So how could this design be one of the top three interior styles to add value to your property you ask? Let’s find out below. 

Why styled properties sell at a higher value?

We all have different home staging ideas for our own living spaces and that is why not everybody will like the same styles, of course. When potential buyers view a property for the first time the most important aspect is if they can picture themselves living in that space, as their own.

Bed throws and cushions to bring additional colour into the bedroom

Therefore, making viewers forget someone lives there will help convert them to potential buyers. But how does one achieve this so that the wider audience can see your property as a potential home? The answer is simplicity. Scandinavian style has been a huge trend in the last couple of years and so styling the property for sale as such attracts a larger number of buyers but also, it makes the viewer feel, they too can have this lifestyle. Let’s take a look at how we can implement it in the different areas of our homes.

Scandi style in the bedroom


Great example of playing with textures

Scandi is all about minimalism, as we already know. Bedroom, styling however is a little different to the rest of the house because this is where you will feel comfortable and relaxed most of the time. There are a couple of tips that can add greatly to your room styling process. Our favourites here at Spatial Property Styling include bedroom wall art and Scandi bedside tables. A lot of furniture includes wood-like materials or timber which always brings warmness to the house. Neutral coloured wall art always pairs beautifully with natural materials such as this art piece we have used in Sydney recently, below.


Bedroom wall art

Introduce hygge into the living room

For a Scandi style living room finding the timeless elements, not the of-the-minute decor pieces, will leave your home an aesthetically pleasing environment for you and your visitors. Why not add sculptures and interesting shaped candles for your shelf decor and mix the textures up with a throw rug in the middle of the room or on your sofa. Allowing texture and contrasting materials such as a soft floor cushion and Scandi furniture which includes timber for example can also contrast each other and give a stylish but warm place to relax in.


Light and dark tones

Sculptures are a great addition to your art display. Adding candles on the table or shelves and a throw rug on your furniture will introduce a cosy, hygge feel to your home. You can find more tips for creating a stylish shelf by Vogue Living, here.


Living rooms are one of the best places to relax in

But what is hygge? It is a Danish word and if you translated it in the dictionary you would get the word “fun”. Hygge, however, is more than just a word, it is a lifestyle, often practised by people living in the Nordic countries where winters are cold and it gets dark early in the day between April and October. Cold days allow a great opportunity to just snuggle up in a cosy corner of your home, perhaps with a soft throw rug or blanket with a candle and surrounded by art, even if you are in Australia. Sounds perfect to us! 


Mirrors are a great addition to living spaces

We would like a warm and relaxed feeling to welcome your visitors when they enter your home, and we feel this is perfectly achievable with the extra touches and expertise that our property stylists bring.


One of our favourite recent projects we have worked on 

Conclusion: Sometimes less really is more, as the saying goes

The Scandi design at home can be achieved in many ways, depending on what everyone desires but the mixing ingredients we can safely say are colours; subtle, light colours, textures; rough and soft contrasting, materials; concrete vs. timber and the extra hygge feeling. If you would like to see some examples of staged homes by Spatial Property Styling check out our lookbook.


Beautiful study nook

It feels delightful when it all comes together but it can be hard to achieve especially if you haven’t done it before. According to Which Real Estate Agency “a small investment, particularly regarding repairs and professional styling, could reap huge rewards”. We at Spatial Property Styling are happy to take off the extra pressure when you are listing your property for sale. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please get in touch with us or request a free instant property styling quote!

Keep our furniture till you sell

In addition to all the changes you are going through when selling your home, you also have to contend with the uncertainty - you never know when your home will sell. Unlike most other styling companies, here at Spatial, we want you to be assured that you can keep our furniture for the length of your sales campaign with no extra charges.