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The new must have: study nooks

As Australians transition to a work and study from home lifestyle, the need for a dedicated study, spare room or even study nook has never been in higher demand. 

Fortunately, professional property stylists are experts at emphasising alternative uses for difficult spaces and are often tasked with creating the illusion of larger rooms and more functional spaces. We are experts in styling spaces that can be adapted to showcase to potential buyer's how the property will suit their own unique set of requirements. 

Study nooks can be styled to utilise many of the elements and features that your home already has (think unused hallway space, loft areas or even basements!) to give your family somewhere to study and work in comfort and style, as well as signal to potential buyers that your property is well suited for their needs. 

What is a study nook?

A study nook is a small area of your home set up for study and work. It can be a crucial feature for the working from home generation and one that has the potential to make your property more desirable to potential buyers. 

It can take the form of a built-in bench or desk that is styled as a desk, using elements such as an aesthetic yet sturdy desk chair, artfully laid out books and other styling elements such as artwork or sculptural pieces and of course a lamp to add a touch of ambience. 

You can also opt to add a study nook in an unused area in your home, with a streamlined small desk (or hallway console!) with a chair and other styling accessories. This creative use of space will help visualise the potential usage areas that buyers may not be creative enough to think of on their own - thus signalling that your home is not only suitable for their current needs but hinting at flexibility for their future wants in a property. 



What are the benefits of a study nook?

If you’re thinking about including a study nook in your home’s design, either as a selling point or for your family’s convenience, it may be worth considering just how many benefits you can expect from this one minor addition. 



Increased property value 

Professional property styling is shown to add value to the home sale price, as they know what buyer demographics want and can style your property to appeal to the right audience - such as families and professional couples working from home. 

Showing just how versatile your home is for any family can be essential for driving up the value. By including a sophisticated study nook in a convenient part of your home, you can show how flexible your floor plan is for a family’s work and study requirements. 

Family convenience

If your home doesn’t have an office, a study nook can allow you to have a ‘fake’ office. It boasts all the same features but in a pre-existing structure without the need to give up an entire bedroom. Those who study or work from home are bound to be impressed.


Improved Home Design

Making the most of a home’s floor plan is not always easy, especially if you don’t have an eye for design or understand the intricacies of a functional layout. Hiring home styling professionals to assist with a study nook can mean the functionality of your home design can be improved. 

Meet the needs of changing demographics

In contrast to a study or home office that takes over a full room of your home, a study nook is low profile and reversible - which suits changing family demographics well. Rather than taking up an entire room within a property - which in many Sydney suburbs is a large footprint - a study nook can tuck away in an otherwise unused space - allowing that spare room to house grandma to visit, the new baby nursery, or for growing kids to have their own separate bedrooms.


Sets the scene for potential buyers

Don’t let prospective purchasers walk into a blank white box where they struggle to create an emotional connection and picture themselves in the home. Instead, create a desirable focal point in the form of a study nook that almost everyone could see themselves using at some point. 


With the growing work-from-anywhere phenomenon showing no sign of slowing down, a separate space to work or study in the home is being placed in high demand. We’ve spoken to Sydney agents who note that across the board they are increasingly being asked for properties with a spare room, or space for a study nook separate to the family living and dining areas in all suburbs. 

For more detailed and bespoke advice on how to style your home for sale, contact one of our Senior Stylists on 9417 7193.